Montreal - November 2013

The Medium - Gian Carlo Menotti

The Medium tells the story of Baba who conducts phone seances in her living room under the pseudonym of Madame Flora with the help of her daughter, Monica and Toby, a mute. During one seance however, Baba feels the presence of a spirit and immediately decides that it must have been Toby trying to trick her. From then on out, Baba is filled with paranoia and covers up her madness both with alcohol and by attacking and blaming Toby. Under Baba's strict roof, Monica and Toby form a strong bond that is torn apart by Baba's hallucinations.

Baba - Samantha Pickett
Monica - Chelsea Mahan
Toby - Dimitri Katotakis
Mr. Gobineau - Michael Gracco
Mrs, Gobineau - Angela Musliner
Mrs. Nolan - Stephanie Kalay


Photography - Rose Bellino