Montreal - May 2015

L'heure Espagnole - Maurice Ravel


It is the clockmaker Torquemada's day to regulate the municipal clocks, and consequently, the day his wife, Concepción, entertains her lover. When Ramiro, a muleteer, visits the shop to have his watch repaired, Concepción worries that his presence will ruin her rendezvous with the poet Gonzalve. To distract Ramiro, Concepción asks him to carry out various tasks. Another suitor, Don Inigo, arrives, and a hilarious attempt to hide the lovers from each other and smuggle each of them to her bedroom without Ramiro noticing, ensues. Finally, Concepción--weary of her suitors' antics--exits with the virile muleteer. Torquemada returns, delighted to see so many eager customers with his wife. This production was made possible by a grant from "Dandy Andy Award for Performance Arts" from the Main & Station Nonesuch.

Ramiro - Dimitri Katotakis
Torquemada - Lee Clapp
Concepción - Charlotte Gagnon
Gonzalve - John Cook
Don Inigo - Russell Wustenberg

Stage Manager - Samantha Pickett

Photography - Brent Callis